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What is Dufferin’s Spotlight?

If you are reading this, chances are that we have reached out looking to interview you for our new show Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business. As a result, you are probably asking yourself all sorts of questions.

First, what is Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business?

It is a new audio podcast featuring interviews and discussions with the business leaders of Dufferin. Our episodes will be approximately one hour long and released on a weekly schedule. In addition to our website, Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business will be available on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook and YouTube.

How much will this cost me?

If we have not made it clear, we are not charging for this. Even though we are providing marketing and promotional services for your business, we feel your accomplishments should be acknowledged and rewarded. If we are successful in building up enough of an audience, we will sell advertising space to interested parties to ensure we can keep producing.

Who would listen to this?

While we believe that this show will be beneficial for all audiences, we think it would be of interest to anybody who is looking to strengthen their connection with the community. In a world focused on video streaming and free two-day shipping, it is becoming easier than ever to miss what is right outside our door. This show will be for those who want to experience Dufferin, instead of simply just living here.

Lastly, why would you want to interview me?

The better question is “Why not you?”. If we have reached out to you, it is because you stand out from the rest. Whether that is through strong community ties, a superb product or service, or just your unique personality we are sure the people of Dufferin would benefit from learning more about you.

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